We at Lyonbite are passionate about making videos and helping show off the great things people make. Specialising in video games and software products we produce anything from testimonial videos to Let’s Plays.

Matt’s worked with video for over five years, first filming projects in school, then moving on to making YouTube videos, before moving into more professional environments, and ending up working with Creative Assembly. Having skills behind, and in front of the camera, he’s an all rounder on set. And being fully trained in the creative cloud suite, and a certified advanced After effects and photoshop user, he is able to create motion graphics and VFX, so he’s a solid all rounder in post production too.

Working along side a verity of talented people, we gather the knowledge and expertise that allow us to create content that will excite and inspire your audience.

Passion is at the heart of everything we do, we’re passionate about bringing your creations to the public.

Video content is fast becoming the main way we consume our content, its fast, simple, and accessible. So we make content that people want to see, whether its an advert, event, or cinematic media, we explore every possibility to create content the best it can possibly be.

So if you are looking to film a script, make an ad, have an on brand let’s play, or document an occasion, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.